AMATA Joins Hand with BIG to Set-up a New Subsidiary “ABIG” to Supply Gas for New Industries in EEC

AMATA-BIG have set up a joint-venture, named “ABIG”, to invest more than 200 million baht in the first phase and produce gas to supply new industries in EEC area as well as the growing economy in CLMV.

Piyabut Charuphen, Managing Director of Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. (BIG) said the company has officially signed a cooperation with Amata Corporation Public Company Limited (AMATA) to set up a joint-venture, Amata BIG Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. (ABIG), to operate gas business to supply new industrial factories mainly in the areas of Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). The new joint-venture is 51% owned by BIG, while the rest 49% take is held by Amata.

The joint-venture combined strength of the 2 companies to operate new business to meet rising gas demand in industrial estates in the EEC, which covers 3 provinces of Chonburi, Rayong, and Chachoengsao. With the expertise of BIG in gas business and the strength of Amata as major industrial developer in the core EEC area, the new joint venture will be strengthened with full capacity to operate business effectively to meet rising demand in the area.

“ABIG has spent more than 200 million baht in building new gas-producing factory which is located in Amata City in Chonburi with the capacity to produce almost 50,000 tons of nitrogen per year. The construction is expected to complete in the first quarter of 2019, when the commercial operation is also due to start. That will help enhance the company capacity to provide gas for clients, which are new factories in the EEC, particularly the high-tech industries,” Mr. Piyabut said. ABIG will not only supply gas for industrial factories with the advanced technology from USA via direct pipeline delivery, but also  help in cost reduction and enhance competitiveness  for the clients in the long-term by our leading innovation and high standard safety practice.

Viboon Kromadit, Chief Marketing Officer of Amata Corporation Public Company said this joint-venture is a major step the 2 companies have already taken in order to build up strong partnership in the future. It is part of Amata’s strategy to be always ready to provide integrated services to all clients, who operate industrial factories in Thailand.

“The plan to set up ABIG has help increased confident among Amata’s clients, which will continuously increase from the current ones of more than 1,000 factories in Amata City in Chonburi and Rayong provinces and other clients in 10 industrial sectors that are well-promoted by the Thai government. In fact, Amata is now developing its industrial estates to be ready for at least 5 targeted sectors, which are; aviation, robotics, electronic vehicle, food-processing and e-commerce,” Mr. Viboon said.

Moreover, this joint-venture is part of Amata plans to expand business further in the CLMV group, particularly in Vietnam that is picked up as pilot project to expand gas supply business into the neighboring countries.

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