ABIG is the first to establish industrial gas pipeline network in Amata Industrial Estate, Rayong to serve electronics industry. We supplies Nitrogen and Oxygen through its broad coverage pipeline network connected directly to customer’s plants. Customers can ensure that their product requirements, even in immediate needs, will be fulfilled by responsive professional team supported by our state-of-the-art logistic system. ABIG constantly developed pipeline supply coverage to all the areas in Amata Industrial Estate Rayong, and expanded further to serve new area of Amata Industrial Estates in the future.

ABIG’s professional service team consists of experienced experts engaged in industrial gas pipeline markets. With the full-ranged offerings in pipeline industrial gas, coupled with local market expertise form Bangkok Industrial Gas – a parent company.

Depending on your gas supply needs, ABIG can deliver bulk quantities of nitrogen, oxygen, and other industrial gases from our production facilities to customers’ sites all over Thailand and some neighboring countries. ABIG delivers gas via large and small trucks or trailers with a complete safety system. Liquid gas is filled into high pressure containers to be ready to be filled at customer’s stations later. For all the bulk delivery supply, BIG has international standard logistic system enabling customers to monitor the level of their liquid gas at their stations via our telemetry system to ensure the complete reliability of supply. We also allow customers to track their product delivery via our GPS system installed to monitor our vehicle fleets to ensure the total safety of customers’ product.

At ABIG, and its parent company, Bangkok Industrial Gas, nothing is more important than safety. With our people’s commitment to total safety through work processes, customers can trust and be confident in delivery services.

With strong knowledge and rich experiences in gas applications in various industries, customers always trust our technical expert team to design, customize, and install industrial gas stations including tank and pressure systems to fit customers’ needs. With the team’s dedication to provide customers’ solutions and services, ABIG is considered an industrial gas supplier of choice for customers in various industries.

We delivers gas via cylinder for customers who require small to medium gas volume. For those who require gas in larger volume, we will arrange cylinder pack delivery. The cylinder pack delivery system can be customized to fit each customer’s need both in quantity and type of gas. Our customer service team also provides advice and recommendation to help customers set up appropriate and safe working environment.
When your gas requirements are continuous and steady, on-site gas generation can be an economical mode of supply. We offers on-site gas generation options for large continuous volume of gases, such as nitrogen and oxygen generators at customers’ sites. Customers using our on-site gas generation solution can ensure the cost-effective supply option, complete safety standard, as well as higher productivity and lower cost. Our experienced technology teams will work closely with customers to matches production process with their requirements to provide the most appropriate and safest gas generator solutions that meet their needs.
ABIG offers “Express Services” solution to customers with urgent needs of large volume of Nitrogen. We have its “pumper equipment ”, the mobile station of liquid and gaseous nitrogen pumping system that is ready to serve customers’ urgent requirements at their plants within 24 hours.
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